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About Us

The Juggling Bards offer programs of play that incorporate multiple juggling techniques, games, music and stories! We understand the importance of play in developing and heightening people's capacities to learn, destress, and socialize. Come with us on a journey through a cohesive program of games, juggling, music and storytelling!



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Meet The Bards


Joseph Goldin

Joseph Goldin has been teaching juggling and flow arts in NYC and around the world for the past 10 years. He earned his B.A. at Hampshire College studying play's role in culture, psychology, and physiology. Joseph currently organizes the regional Circus Folk Unite festival. Joseph is continuing to actively research somatic movement within flow arts and dance forms such as contact improvisation, while he works towards a massage therapist certification.



James Scaramuzzino

James Scaramuzzino earned his B.A from Hampshire College for Music Composition. He also received a diploma from The National Outdoor Leadership School for participating in an expedition in Patagonia. James has traveled domestically and internationally to learn and participate in the art of juggling. He has been teaching for four years, and is currently working towards earning a music education certification. 


Our Mission

It's time to wake up! It's time to realize our full potential for happiness, connection, and expression! As the Juggling Bards our mission is to help people realize the limitless extent to which our physical and mental abilities can grow. Whether someone is rich or poor we all are subject to a system that is at odds with our nature and therefore we all suffer. The Juggling Bards are guides. We want to help guide people along a path of personal mastery. A path which can begin at any point in life and lead to fulfillment for the rest of it. This philosophy that we teach is universal, and can be applied to any aspect of life.
Lets unlock our full potential together! Come play with the Juggling Bards!