The Juggling Bards offer active workshops for all ages. 


Interactive story Workshop

Come with the Bards on a journey with live music and storytelling that will take the group through the peaceful meadows, dark caverns, and majestic castles of our imagination. Along the way the group will work together and complete challenges to discover our collective and individual playful nature and discover the lessons hidden within. 

Workshop for better health

Learn the physical and mental benefits of being playful! Spend an hour with the bards playing games and having fun while discovering the deeper lessons and teachings that each game holds. This program empowers the participant to expand upon their potential and practice of play.


Name it, the bards can do it! The Juggling Bards offer custom Birthday party festivities tailored to your desires. We can work with you to create a special day that everyone will remember!


  • Performed in international and domestic parades such as the Quebec City parade, and the Providence HONK festival
  • Led play workshops in higher education settings
  • Led balloon and juggling workshops at Mill Pond Live, and Easthampton Farmers Market
  • Organizers of the first Hampshire College Circus Festival in 10 years.
  • Attended Turbofest, IJA, Wildfire, New England Flow Fest, WOMBAT
  • Curated and facilitated many birthday party celebrations



Juggling and flow arts

If you want to improve your hand eye coordination as well as your mental cognition, we can teach you your choice of flow art including, juggling, poi spinning, or contact staff. 


We also teach alternative and fun movement pathways through a host of group games and challenges inspired by  contact improvisation, animal flow and the Ido Portal method! Group and private lessons are available for any of these offerings.